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Relativistic Cosmology Illustrations

For David Rowe’s 2016 paper on the history of cosmology called “A Snapshot of Debates on Relativistic Cosmology” MO-Labs provided some images, …

AGACSE Prize 2015 by MO-Labs

AGACSE 2015 Prize by MO-Labs

MO-Labs is honored that the organizers of the AGACSE 2015 conference asked us if we could sponsor the prize sculpture for this …

Mandala Maker - How To

Mandala Maker for Android

Draw your own Mandalas using your Android Device. Print them and paint them later by hand and pencil, or share them with …

Constant Curvature Models

Constant Curvature Models

We are excited about this latest extension of our collection of mathematical models: models of surfaces of constant gaussian curvature. The shape …


MO-Labs at the ICM

At the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), the International Mathematical Union (IMU) organizes a donation/auction. One of the 20 beautiful and interesting …


MO-Labs-Objects in Imaginary-Box

MO-Labs produced 4 Math Sculptures and several texts for the German so-called “Imaginary Entdeckerbox”. This is a box containing material suitable for …